Baffoe: Golf Finally Shuts Up NarcsGolf hall monitors are the worst of sports fans.
Baffoe: Mike Mitchell Has A Point, And That's A ProblemThe mixed messages the NFL keeps sending regarding big -- and often illegal -- hits make the entire issue all the more confusing.
Baffoe: LaVar Ball Wins A Non-StoryThere's method to Ball's madness, like a prayer of an off-balance shot going in and the shooter saying he called it.
Baffoe: This Week's Way For Bears To Lose? IronicallyThe Bears' loss to the 49ers was poetic -- albeit fifth-grade poetry -- in a season written in crayon on a hallway wall.
Baffoe: The Great Awkwardness Of The Nikola Mirotic ReturnBobby Portis drank Mirotic’s milkshake and regrets nothing. Where's that leave the Bulls?
Baffoe: Why Dismiss Vic Fangio From Future Consideration?As the Bears look long term, it doesn't make sense to overlook a smart coach who's well-respected in the locker room.
Baffoe: What Does A Bears Fan Buy Into Now?Interest in the Bears is waning, and any goodwill the team created in a rebuild is gone.
Baffoe: Joe Morgan Wants A Hall Of Fake NewsMorgan is upset with the inclusion of steroid users in the Hall of Fame.
Baffoe: Bears Coach John Fox Is Now Indicting HimselfSo many of the Bears' failures point toward coaching incompetency.
Baffoe: Thankfully, The Bulls Are StupidWhat they lack in form, the Bulls make up for with an ability to be garbage in a way that at least make you pay attention to them.
Baffoe: So Some Are Mad That Colin Kaepernick Got An Award From A MagazineBringing up difficult truths and risking his career, Kaepernick is valuing marginalized people over all else.
Baffoe: I'm Tired Of John FoxThe Bears' loss to the undermanned Packers on Sunday was an indictment of Fox and his coaching staff.

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