Tim Baffoe

Baffoe: Clapping It Up For Starlin CastroCastro's demeanor and play have been exceptional since his August demotion.
Baffoe: Bears/Seahawks -- A Diary Of MadnessA fun drinking game during Bears games: try not to drink.
Baffoe: Hello, Cubs Nervousness, My Old FriendA playoff spot is nearly clinched. The one-game playoff will be sudden, happy terrifying fun.
Baffoe: Good To Know Now The Bears Season Is GoneBe thankful the tire fire is blatant now and not a gradual disaster realized around midseason.
Baffoe: The Deal With Patrick KaneThe Blackhawks are reaping the ugliness of what they sowed.
Baffoe: No More Stupid Looks On Faces Of Bears, FansMatt Forte's words Sunday were meaningful.
Baffoe: Rooting For Total Bears Badness In 20157-9 or 8-8 doesn't help the future, writes Tim Baffoe.
Baffoe: Grading The 2015 Score Fantasy Football DraftTim Baffoe doesn't hold back in assessing 670 The Score's fantasy football draft.
Baffoe: The Death Of The Jay Cutler Leadership NarrativeCutler's leadership or lack thereof isn't going to matter in what will be a rebuilding season.
Baffoe: The Favorable Jake ArrietaArrieta always seem to come through when the Cubs -- and you, the fan -- need him to.
Baffoe: Dear Bears, Thanks For Everything! Sincerely, The NFC NorthFrom afar, the Bears' division mates continue to be amused by the dumpster fire.
Baffoe: If You Hate Fun, You Hate The CubsThe Cubs enjoy winning too much to be stoic about it.