Photo Of A TSA Agent With Monitor. (AP Photo)

‘Opt-Out Day’ To Cause Huge Travel Mess?

A loosely organized Internet campaign is urging people to refuse the scans on Wednesday in what is being called National Opt-Out Day. Could it cause a huge travel mess?

CBS Chicago–11/23/2010

Body scanner (CBS)

TSA: Don’t Opt Out Of Body Scanning

Officials say the scan can take up to 10 seconds, while a pat-down can take four minutes.


Photo Of A TSA Agent With Monitor. (AP Photo)

Body Scan Protest Could Jam Thanksgiving Travel

A loosely organized Internet boycott of full-body scans at airports planned for Wednesday could mean major disruptions for holiday travelers.

CBS Chicago–11/22/2010

Airport scanner demonstration. (CBS)

‘National Opt-Out Day’ Could Cause Holiday Travel Headaches

Passengers normally don’t want to see long lines at the airport, but a protest against stepped up security is gaining momentum and it threatens to make a very busy air travel day worse than ever.

CBS 2–11/19/2010

Penny Moroney

Woman Compares Airport Security Pat-Down To Sexual Assault

Some flyers say new security measures meant to prevent terror in the air amount to just groping on the ground. One Chicago-area woman compares her experience to sexual assault. CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports.

CBS 2–11/17/2010

Airport scanner demonstration. (CBS)

Airport Body Scanners Still Radiating Controversy

The U.S. Homeland Security chief insists there are privacy safeguards, as passengers complain about the machines’ intrusiveness.