Hip Retailer Urban Outfitters Drops F-Bombs In Christmas CatalogThe youth-centric retailer Urban Outfitters is hawking its Christmas merchandise along with some nasty language this year.
Style Icon Victoria Beckham: On-Trend Sweaters Found In ChicagoWe’re seeing it all over the city--in shop windows, on the adorable girl in line at Starbucks--it’s the trendy winter-inspired sweater that everyone seems to have but you. Here we see it on style-icon, the posh Victoria Beckham. Luckily it’s not too late for you to jump on the trend! Here are the Chicago shops that carry Victoria’s look, for less.
Fashion Picks For New Year's EveIf you are like me, you are racking your brain about what to don for New Year’s Eve. One of the biggest nights of holiday fashion is of course New Year’s Eve. You can celebrate this night in the most casual of intimate affairs to the most dashingly dapper social events!
I’m Obsessed With... BeltsBelts! An accessory that should last and last and last. Find out which belts are in style this season...

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