The leaves of many trees in Illinois have been left wilting, curling, and turning brown due to the severe drought conditions in most of the state. (Credit: CBS)

Protecting The Trees At Your House From The Drought

With most of Illinois having been classified as being in severe drought, it’s not only farmers who are suffering. Plenty of homeowners have seen their prized plants shriveling, and their trees shedding leaves.

CBS Chicago–07/17/2012

Grass is turning brown all over the Chicago area because of this summer's drought. (CBS)

Should You Water Your Lawn In Drought Conditions?

Should you even bother to try to keep your grass green during an extended drought? CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.



Can You Dig It: Watering Your Garden

When it comes to watering, you just can’t take it for granted – especially in the garden.

CBS 2–08/12/2011