Will’s Northwoods Inn

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Best Bars For March Madness In Chicago

Watch the games during March Madness at these Chicago bars.



Best Bars To Watch Basketball In Chicago

There’s pretty much a sports bar on every corner in every neighborhood of Chicago. But if you’re looking to catch a basketball game, or watch a few at one time, then these five bars are sure to have you covered.


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Best Bars To Watch Hockey In Chicago

Can’t get tickets to a hockey game? Do the next best thing and check out the following five Chicago-area bars so you can catch the game on the big screen.


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Amateur Night: Best Places To Take The Stage In Chicago

Do you have a comedy routine you’d like to try out or feel like sharing your latest poetry? Head to one of these open mics in Chicago to show off your stuff.


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Best Wisconsin Badgers Bars In Chicago

As a Chicago native engaged to a proud Wisconsin Badger fan, I’ve frequented many Badger bars in Chicago that claim they are the best place to watch Bucky and the beloved Badgers. Here’s a round up of the truly best in the city!


Kevin Kern exclaims his love for darts at Moe's Tavern (credit: Mason Johnson/CBS)

Best Youthfully Hip Dart Bars

Darts. A word that is most definitely synonymous with old people and jolly old England. If you’re looking for a decent neighborhood bar with something more to do while you chug and sip, darts is one option that seems to be making a decent comeback in the Chicagoland area.


Culvers Cheese Curds

Best Cheese Curds In Chicago

Though the divine cheese curd, is something you typically find north of the border, there are plenty of places for delicious fried of cheese, right here in Chicago. Here are your best bets for cheesy, gooey, deep fried goodness in Chicago.


Will's Northwoods Tavern

Packers Fans To Flock To Lakeview Bar

Lakeview is most certainly Bears country, but at one bar in the area, hundreds of Packers fans will be flocking in Sunday to get some moral support and a little taste of home.

CBS Chicago–01/21/2011