CTA To Hold Last Public Hearing On BudgetChicago Transit Authority bus and train riders have one final chance to weigh in on the new budget for the agency.
CTA Cutting More Than 100 JobsThe Chicago Transit Authority has announced that it is cutting more than more than 100 jobs.
CTA 'Looking At Everything' To Solve Budget CrisisThe CTA says it faces a $277 million budget shortfall in the coming year. It won't say yet that it plans fare hikes or service cuts, but CTA President Forrest Claypool made it clear he's targeting union work rules.
City Labor Unions Offer Cost-Saving Ideas To Avoid LayoffsAnswering Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s call to come up with $10 million in cost savings to avoid 625 layoffs, union leaders on Tuesday offered their own ideas to save $250 million a year.
Officials Discuss How To Keep Chicago Conventions CompetitiveGov. Pat Quinn, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other elected leaders met Tuesday to talk about ways to make shows at McCormick Place less costly in the face of recent court rulings.
Mayor Sends Letters To City Workers, Explaining Proposed LayoffsMayor Rahm Emanuel has begun officially notifying employees that he soon will begin laying off hundreds of city workers if their unions don't agree to $10 million worth of changes in their work rules.
Emanuel Reveals Plan To Lay Off 625 City WorkersMayor Rahm Emanuel today said he plans to lay off 625 city workers as part of a plan to close a $10 million budget gap.
Mayor Dodges Question About City Work Rules For Changing Light BulbsA recent CBS 2 investigation found it was taking three city workers to change a light bulb – with one of those workers sitting down in a chair the whole time. So, 2 Investigator Pam Zekman asked Mayor Rahm Emanuel how many city workers does he think it should take to change a light bulb?
How Many City Workers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?How many city workers does it take to change a light bulb? Sounds like a joke right? But it's not funny when it’s our tax dollars being wasted.
Mayor Presents Proposed Work Rule ChangesMayor Rahm Emanuel is turning up the heat on organized labor by disclosing some of the work-rule changes he is asking union leaders to accept in order to save the jobs of 625 city employees.
Convention Returning To McCormick PlaceA report indicates the cost-saving reforms recently instituted at McCormick Place are having the desired effect.

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