Wright Family

(Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Cutting Your Water Bill

It’s something we all do: look for ways to cut our household bills.

CBS Chicago–04/24/2012

Gasoline pump. (Credit: Miguel Gutierrez/Getty Images)

Survive This Economy: Getting Better Gas Mileage

The Wright family gets some tips on getting better gas mileage. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

CBS 2–04/12/2012

Shopping expert Jill Cataldo offers tips on how to save money buying clothes for kids. (CBS)

Survive This Economy: How To Scour Clearance Racks

Bargain queen Jill Cataldo shows the Wright family how to really clean up at the clothing clearance racks, in the latest installment of Dorothy Tucker’s ongoing series.


Coupon guru Jill Cataldo offers some tips to CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker. (CBS)

Survive This Economy: Coupon Tips

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker introduced the Wright family to a “coupon queen” who shares her secrets that will increase their savings – and yours, too.


The Wright family has found ways to cut back on the money its spends on fast-food meals. (CBS)

Survive This Economy: Slimming Down Fast-Food Expenses

In her continuing series, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports on how members of the Wright family are finding ways to still eat out but save money.