7 Foods And Places To Try This Weekend

March 30, 2011 2:37 PM


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In no particular order, here are some of my favorite foods around town. Try one or all 7 of these — you won’t be disappointed!

Mrs. Murphy and Sons

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Potato Mushroom Lasagna

Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro
3905 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 868-6300

The potato mushroom lasagna at Mrs. Murphy & Sons is one of the richest, most decadent lasagnas you’ll ever try. This lasagna is comfort food at its best. Warm mashed potatoes, layered with mushrooms and melted goat cheese make a lethal combination. Good luck trying to join the clean plate club with this one. The hefty portion is the ‘stick to your ribs’ kind of good.

Will's Northwoods Tavern

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Tuna Melt

Will’s Northwoods
3030 N. Racine Street
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 528-4400

Craving a warm, greasy tuna melt? Head up to Will’s Northwoods for their tuna melt sandwich served with melted pepperjack cheese, sandwiched between two slices of thick Texas toast. This is a buttery delight, perfect for Fridays during Lent or a weekend morning along side a Bloody Mary.

Best Perch

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Fish Fry

It’s the fish fry time of the year again. Even if you’re not practicing Lent, take advantage of some of the great, Friday fish fry specials around town.

Steve’s Lounge
13200 S. Baltimore Ave.
Chicago, IL 60633
(773) 646-1071

From 4-8:00PM, enjoy the a la carte fried fish dinners including everything from perch to frog legs at Steve’s. Cozy up in this classic venue and grab a $1.50 Old Style draft to wash it all down.

Duke of Perth
2913 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 477-1741

Every Wednesday and Friday, bring your stretchy pants and $9.50, for an all-you-can-eat fish and chips dinner. Enjoy endless cod, fried in Tennant’s Lager beer batter and served with peas, chips and malt vinegar.

Morrie O’Malley’s

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Hot Dog

Get in the baseball spirit and try a good old-fashioned hot dog at one of these Chicago staples.

Gene & Jude’s Red Hot Stand
2720 River Road
River Grove, IL 60171
(708) 452-7634

The hot dogs at Gene & Jude’s come wrapped in mustard (no ketchup of course), onions and a delicious pile of french fries. Peppers are also available upon request. This no-frills, Chicago style hot dog is typically eaten standing up at the counter. I like to pretend I’m burning off a calorie or two, eating while standing.

Morrie O’Malley’s Hot Dogs
3501 S Union Ave
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 247-2700

Morrie O’Malley’s is almost a required stop on the way to U.S. Cellular Field. Just a few blocks from the park, you can enjoy these famous dogs at a true Chicago classic. There’s plenty of outdoor seating and everything on the menu is well under $10.


(credit: CBS Local)

BBQ At Smoque

Smoque BBQ
3800 N. Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL
(773) 545-7427

If you’re a BBQ lover, chances are you’ve eaten at Smoque. Everything from ribs to brisket on this menu is amazing. The combination of hardwood smoked meat, spicy rubs and sweet sauce, is out of this world! Just walking up to Smoque, they’ll have you at the smell!

Lauren Wulf, CBS Local Chicago

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