Best Bars To Watch A Blackhawks Game

October 3, 2010 1:15 PM

West End

For both new Blackhawks and old Blackhawks fans there is only one thing better then catching a game at the Madhouse on Madison. The right bar with the right fans can make watching a Blackhawks game at a bar just as rowdy as the 300 level at the United Center. Whether you’re in the city or the ‘burbs there is sure to be countless bars showing the game. But to watch the 2010 Stanley Champions, just any old bar won’t do, we need the best. So here are a few of the absolute best bars in and around Chicago to watch the Blackhawks beat down on the rest of the league.

The Pony

1638 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago
(773) 828-5055

The Pony doesn’t make our list just because it was the first bar that Lord Stanley’s Cup partied at after coming to Chicago, although that doesn’t hurt. The overall amenities and atmosphere make one of the most ideal spots across Chicagoland to catch a Blackhawks game. The heavily exposed wood interior and copper-plated bar give it an old school feel and makes you think that The Golden Jet himself would have frequented The Pony back in the day, if it were around then. Without a doubt, The Pony is a must for any Blackhawks who can’t make to a game at the UC.

West End

1326 W. Madison Chicago, IL 60607

Don’t mistake the upscale digs for a place that can’t appreciate a good hockey fight. The West End gets as rowdy and intense as any bar across the city when their neighbors take the ice. And by neighbors, of course we mean the Blackhawks who play and practice less than a mile from the doors of the West End. The bar’s booth and high-top table seating, along with over 30 plasma TVs makes for a comfortable bar worthy of the pre and post game crowd that frequents. But for those of us who can’t hop on the free shuttle to the UC, the 12 draft beers and shots like the “bomb flight” are almost as good as the 22,000 who pack the Madhouse.


3358 N. Southport Ave Chicago, IL 60657

Justin’s is a hockey bar to its core. With skates hanging from the ceiling and an original “Slap Shots” movie poster on the wall you know this is a place for serious Blackhawks fans. An outstanding menu accompanied with a vast beer and wine selection mean that isn’t just a Blackhawks bar, but there are few better to witness some Indian Head dominance outside of the United Center. The large “L” shaped bar only enhances the game day experience by encouraging fans to not only celebrate with those directly next to them, but with fans all around the bar.

Sports Corner

956 W. Addison, Chicago, IL 60613

The Wrigleyville cornerstone shut down for a year in order to undergo a major face-lift. This three-story paradise for Blackhawks fans features enough TVs to ensure that you’ll never miss a goal or big hit. The Blackhawks permanent home is over on the West Side, but for one glorious day the Blackhawks played right across the street. The electric hockey atmosphere that was brought to Wrigley never left the Sports Corner and you can experience it during every Hawks game. With multiple beers on tap and a friendly staff, you can be sure that each game will be one to remember if you watch it at Sports Corner.

Murphy’s Bleachers

3655 N. Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL 60613

From the outside, Murphy’s Bleachers looks like any other neighborhood bar in Chicago. Take a step inside and realize that it’s anything but. Across the street front he entrance to the Wrigley Field bleachers, Murphy’s is an open-air bar that is packed with Hawks fanatics. Before and after Cubs games the outside beer garden is a popular place to be. However, during the cold hockey months you can retreat to the inside where there’s plenty of room for you and all the Hawks fans you know.

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