Best Electronic Bands In Chicago

May 1, 2014 7:00 AM

(Photo Credit: Gemini Club’s Facebook)

Electronic music is unlike any other genre, what with the way that bands and musicians/DJs mix electronic sounds through both technology, including computer and sound synthesizers, as well as musical instruments. They’re also known for collaborating to create even more unusual and intense works. Electronic music has long made its home here in the Windy City, and these five bands are a large part of that subculture.

(Photo Credit: Gemini Club's Facebook)

(Photo Credit: Gemini Club’s Facebook)

Gemini Club

This four-piece indie electronic band is known for remixing its songs so you’ll never know exactly what you’ll hear when you go to one of the shows. While Gemini Club regularly plays around the Windy City, it is also hitting up stages around the country. The tracks, such as “Sparklers,” are available on iTunes. A few of the group’s remixes have also been played on the likes of BBC Radio. The band includes Tom Galvin on vocals, Gordon Bramli as DJ, Dan Brunelle in production and Ryan Lucini on drums.

(Photo Credit: DJ Rashad's Facebook)

(Photo Credit: DJ Rashad’s Facebook)

DJ Rashad

An important influence in the juke subculture first in Chicago and then across the country, DJ Rashad has a modern style all his own, something he started to cultivate when he was only 12 years old. Combining hip hop with future-forward beats, he’s collaborated with a number of people including UK producer Addison Groove, up-and-comer DJ Earl, Taso and quite frequently Spinn. His pieces invigorate with their dizzying and futuristic rhythms while still staying true to the footwork of Chicago


Credited with helping to fuel the resurgence in electronic music back in early 2013 (after originally establishing the group in 2010), the Pilsen duo of Brandon and Jeremiah continues to draw in the crowds. They’ve worked with JODY, as well as the rapper Kit, but have also produced their own works, which they say have been influenced by The-Dream, Vangelis, David Van Tieghem and Jean Michel Jarre. The-Drum’s mixes, including its debut “Contact,” can be found online, iTunes, Sound Cloud and elsewhere.

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(Photo Credit: Sich Mang's Facebook)

(Photo Credit: Sich Mang’s Facebook)

Sich Mang

The psychedelic works of Sich Mang, produced by Eric Lee Gale and Rand Sevilla, are unlike anything else, and not just because they’ve combined footwork and juke to create their own kind of music: wurkstep. Sich Mang’s beats range from incredibly fast tempos to the more meditative slow beats, but it’s easy to describe the work as manic too. Sich Mang is also known for its limited edition cassette tapes, as well as its Tumblr pages.

(Photo Credit: Supreme Cuts' Facebook)

(Photo Credit: Supreme Cuts’ Facebook)

Supreme Cuts

Don’t even try to do footwork to the beats of this duo. The pair’s music, as they like to say, should have no label, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its influences. Mike Perry and Austin Keultjes claim that their music has been influenced both by the club sounds of the mid-90s as well as the synth-heavy sounds of the mid-80s. But they’re also inspired by the crazy, manic weather of Chicago.

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