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August 10, 2011 2:00 PM

(credit: Fresh Picks)

Migratory feasts are all the rage these days. Chicago’s mobile food options provide great dining alternatives and cultivate a much needed element of community—and thank goodness for that. Some of this food on the move is making a huge impact too.

People use every excuse in the book to avoid shopping for healthy food. “Too expensive.” “Tastes bad.” Some people can’t even buy healthy food if they tried. Yes—no good food for anyone. No where to be found.  Many areas in Chicago (and rural Illinois) don’t even have access to an apple. Can you imagine?

Well, it’s true. These regions are referred to as “food deserts” which are areas where healthy, affordable food is difficult to obtain. In many low-socioeconomic minority communities, the only food sources are McDonald’s, White Castle, and corner liquor stores selling Cheetos, fruit punch, and Ho-Hos. Food deserts are associated with a variety of diet-related health problems and create cause for some serious concern.

Chicago has answers. Good food on the move!


freshpicks Chicagos Best Mobile Food

(credit: Fresh Picks)

Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks

Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks offers year-round home delivery in the Chicago area, providing local and organic produce, meat, dairy and eggs. You can order online anytime to choose the specific items you want, or opt for a “Fresh Picks Box” that is automatically delivered to your door weekly or bi-weekly.

They are committed to working with local sustainable farms that they personally know and trust. Your products arrive at your door ripe and bursting with flavor, vitamins, and minerals within hours of leaving the farm, protecting your health and the environment.

freshmoves Chicagos Best Mobile Food

(credit: Fresh Moves)

Fresh Moves

First order of business: secure a bus, donated from the CTA. Next? Food desert domination. Fresh Moves partnered with Architecture for Humanity to transform the donated bus into a mobile produce market. They worked with volunteers to put together a website, and now, they’re working hard to bring our community healthy food.

Want to get involved? Contact the food desert team directly at

foodtruck Chicagos Best Mobile Food

(credit: Food Truck Corner)

Food Truck Corner

Yes, I know. Everyone’s yappin’ about food trucks. Food trucks started booming after the economy tanked and their mobility (and up-start funding) is a great alternative to starting an entire restaurant or storefront. Not selling in Wicker Park? Move it along to Michigan Avenue…

So here we are—spoiled to the max with great mobile food options. They’re sprouting up so fast you can barely keep track. Until now. Food Truck Corner is a great way to keep tabs on all of these zippy, portable restaurants.

Follow FTC: @FoodTruckCorner

grindermancoffee Chicagos Best Mobile Food

(credit: Grinderman Coffee)

Grinderman Coffee

Bicycle delivered coffee. To your office or home.

OK, so coffee isn’t a food or really even that healthy. (some may disagree) But Grinderman Coffee is so cool, I couldn’t refuse. Michael “Grinderman” McSherry believes in the power of the relationship between the grower and the distributor and takes pride in personally roasting the best beans to provide a rich, perfect brew.

Since 2009, the structure of Grinderman Coffee brings fair trade coffees from around the world to homemade open flame roasters. After roasting the coffee, the beans are immediately bagged and dated for delivery, by bicycle, to you.

You can sign up for a weekly email and respond with your order or arrange for pickup too.

Sign up for the delivery email and to order here:

Oh, and if you’re looking for a little something to go with your new coffee, keep your eye on Pink Cottage Pastry at the Pilsen Community Market. Irish and American Style sweet and savory pastries. Yes—>

Stephanie Lu Jokich

Stephanie Lu Jokich

Stephanie Lu Jokich is a corporate concierge and lover of all things food and drink. She encourages you to invite her to dinner with her project Good Food.

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