Cure For Boredom: Great Events For December

December 2, 2011 2:00 PM


Last year I didn’t leave my apartment during the month of December. It was cold and my friends were all hibernating, it seemed—from my cave at least—that there wasn’t even anything to do anyways. My skin itched all over because I was too lazy to go to the doctor and find out what was wrong and, after running out of human food, I lived off of cat food, which is weird because I don’t even have a cat.

December 2010 sucked.

2011 won’t suck though. I’m determined to find things to do, ways to get out of the house; no more being a hermit! In case you want to get on board with this new trend of socializing, here’s a list of worthwhile Chicago events. You’re welcome.

night with demi1 Cure For Boredom: Great Events For December


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December 3rd

Demi Lovato is back in Chicago. Check out her show in Rosemont, liable to be more intimate thanks to the feel of the Rosemont Theatre.

dec2011 Cure For Boredom: Great Events For December


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December 6th

This month’s Nerves of Steel looks like it’s filled with great music and lots of comedy. Hilarious or not, the line-up (Natalie Edwards, Irby+Ian, Mason Johnson–who is a big jerk–and Dan Shapiro, and Jac Jemc) does not seem for the faint of heart.

The heart-less should be fine though. Just watch out for host, Harold Ray. He gives me the heebie jeebies.

holiday concert logo2 Cure For Boredom: Great Events For December


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December 6th

XRT is throwing this sweet concert with The National at the Aragon Ballroom, all while keeping kids and charity in mind. Why not bring a new toy to donate for those in need?

rob reading Cure For Boredom: Great Events For December

Who does Rob Duffer think he is? (credit: Kristie Kahns/RUI)

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December 7th

For the small price of three bucks you can get a full night’s of entertainment thanks to Reading Under the Influence. Expertly trained writers (might be an overstatement, but they are, at the very last, entertaining), a tipsy crowd and odd trivia, will combine to ensure you have a great time.

shapeimage 6 Cure For Boredom: Great Events For December


$5 Students / $8 Regular people
December 8th

The Encyclopedia Show is a live extravaganza where writers, artists, comedians, poets, musicians and, well, plenty of talented people who do all kinds of crap, entertain you by giving you their take on a subject randomly chosen from the encyclopedia. This month’s theme is X-Treme Sports.

Performers include James Kennedy, Susan McLaughlin-Karp, Jamila Woods, Dominique James, Natalie Edwards, and Guybrush Taylor, along with an interview with mixed martial arts fighter Shonie Carter, and, as always, cast regulars Megan Mercier, Joel Chmara, Tim Stafford, Annie Kincade, Jilted Emily Rose, and house band The Encartagans, for a hilarious history lesson on X-TREME SPORTS.

Oh yeah, and it’s hosted by Robbie Q. Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney, who are total chumps.

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December 10th

Homeroom, a non-profit that supports and celebrates the arts, is hosting a night of great music at the Flat Iron building. If, like me, you hate fundraisers and giving money to those pesky non-profits, you can just pretend you’re only there for the great tunes/jams/whatever-the-kids-are-calling-it-nowadays. You’ll hear music from Ami Saraiya, Ben Parani and the Weepin’ Willows – a Patsy Cline tribute band!

I can get on board with Patsy.

(Also, I sincerely hope you’re not like me.)

fishbone Cure For Boredom: Great Events For December

credit: Fishbone)

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December 10th


That’s what ska people say. I think. Anyways! Fishbone is one of the best Ska bands still around, mixing great horns and rhythm to a two tone beat.

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December 12th

Local heroes Wilco will be playing old hits along with songs from The Whole Love, their album released just this September. Make sure to show this Chicago band some Chicago love. (The polite kind, not the kind where a tourist asks you which way the lake is and you send them West because it’s funny.)

jingle bash 11 header sold out Cure For Boredom: Great Events For December


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December 17th

Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez, LMFAO, Joe Jonas, Jason Derulo, Cobra Starship, Karmin, and Keenan Cahill will all be at this year’s Jingle Bash. I don’t know what “Cobra Starship” is, but anyone willing to choose a name that is that wicked-cool is probably awesome.

Tickets are sold out though! Yikes. Check out the B96 website to follow any ticket giveaways that might arise.

December 21st

black&white night is a pillar in the artistic community, bringing together the visual with the audio and featuring great painters on display along with great bands on stage. See performances by Barefoot on Bumblebees and The Nothingheads, along with a puppet show performance of Fest by Kristin Johnson and Nick Bennett. DJ extraordinaire of the night will be DJ PBJulia and the featured artist is Chris Stryker.

So, you know, go there.

Did I forget an event? Lemme know about it in the comments section, or email me at
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