lebron james 172 Now What?

Reports have Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh teaming up in Miami.

Lebron James is scheduled to announce his decision Thursday night, with the probability that his destination will be known before then.  He could join the other two, stay in Cleveland, or come to Chicago.

But with the marginalization of one-time power broker William Wesley, my optimism for James as a Bull has waned.

So that means it is time for the Bulls to sign Carlos Boozer or David Lee and declare loss-avoidance, if not victory.  It would sting, certainly, to miss out on this offseason’s chance to buy a title contender, but a team of Rose, Noah, Boozer/Lee, Deng and a new shooting guard will compete in the East as it enjoys NBA Hell.

Unless James goes to Miami.  Then you can pretty much shut it all down and send everyone home.

Elsewhere, Vinny Del Negro is said to have gotten the Clippers’ job, and he’ll get to work quickly on mispronouncing the names of his players.

If you had pulled latissimus muscle in the Jake Peavy injury sweepstakes, congrats.  He will probably go on the DL and make room for Daniel Hudson in the first test of the club’s pitching depth:  it has been a pretty remarkable half-season, really, with only five guys starting for the Sox.

We will hit the air after Sox/Angels tomorrow afternoon (no “Who You Crappin?” this week), and the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour arrives in Frankfort on Friday.  Join us at Jameson’s Pub to start your weekend.

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