matt forte 8 24 Matt Fortes fantasy outlook

As a rookie, Matt Forte exceeded any expectations fantasy owners had about him. Forte was a stud in his first season in the league raking up 1,715 total yards off of 379 total touches. In his sophomore NFL season, Forte was less than stellar for fantasy owners, especially those who used a top 5 pick on him. With two polar opposite seasons to start his NFL career, many owners may have a hard time predicting year three.

Dave Richard of CBS Sports takes a look at Forte and sees year three as looking a lot more like year two than anything else. Richard cites the Mike Martz offense as reason for this. Richard looks at a year by year comparison showing what we all know, that Martz favors the passing game over the running game. The pass oriented offense coupled with the free agent signing of Chester Taylor leads Richard to believe that Forte will put up less than stellar numbers this season.

For Richard’s full article mapping out the Martz offensive tendencies click here.

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