CHICAGO (WBBM) —The buzz inside Hyde Park Hair Salon isn’t so much about Obama these days. This time, the barbershop conversation is all about Daley.

“It’s been a big topic of conversation today,” said barber Brian Cunningham. “Everyone’s pretty shocked that he decided not to run again.”

The salon on Blackstone is where the President gets his hair cut so employees and clients are used to the media attention and taking up the hot topic of the day.

Cheryl Bruce believes it’s probably the best thing for the Mayor and the city. “I don’t know if everyone was anticipating it, but I kind of was. I just wondered how he would approach the rigors of a new campaign knowing that his wife was ill.”

In Pilsen, along West 18th street, music and culture filled the air as residents stopped in local restaurants for dinner. In Nuevo Leon, 20-year old Victor Pinon was surprised to hear the news as well.

“I didn’t know that he is retiring. He’s the only Mayor I’ve ever known but I hope a new administration can do well for the city.” Pinon says the Pilsen neighborhood has improved over the years but he’s still concerned about gang violence and an uptick in shootings near his home at 21st and Ashland. “I think a new mayor needs to better address the violence,” said Pinon.

John and Lauren Chorus were also eating at Nuevo Leon. The couple and their son used to live in Pilsen. “We moved because of all the parking tickets we got and the neighborhood got more dangerous,” said Lauren Chorus. “I thought he would be in office til he died. I’m happy. I think it’s time for another person to get a chance. It’s run its course,” said John Chorus.

Most agree that Daley did a lot of good for the city over the last two decades but hope a new administration can better tackle crime and jobs.

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