CHICAGO (WBBM) – Chicago Aldermen want the federal government to stop banning most gay men from donating blood.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Political Editor Craig Dellimore Reports

Newsradio 780’s Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports the council’s considering a resolution urging the policy be changed.

Current federal policy dating back to the 1980’s imposes a lifetime ban on blood donations from gay or bisexual men who report ever having had sex with another man.

Congressman Mike Quigley told a City Council hearing that even a Department of Health and Human Services committee of experts found the policy ineffective. He notes the policy bars homosexuals who may practice safe sex and doesn’t ban other people engaged in risky behavior.

Quigley adds the current blood screening technology makes the blood supply more safe. Openly Gay Alderman Tom Tunney says he was barred from donating blood for a sick relative.

The City Council is considering a measure asking the feds to change the policies.

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