(WBBM) – The two people hurt when their small plane crashed into a Naperville health club last week are recovering from their injuries.

Now, the recordings of the calls to 911 have now been released.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller Reports

Dispatcher: “Naperville 911, how may I help you?

Caller: “An airplane just crashed on the north end of the Naper Aero air strip.”

Dispatcher: “OK, were you a witness to this, sir?”

Caller: “Yes.”

It was last Wednesday when the small plane slammed into the XSport Fitness Club in Naperville.

This call came from another witness:

Caller: “Uh, there’s a plane crash into XSport on the corner of 75th and Route 59.”

Dispatcher: “Did it actually go into the building?”

Caller: “It went actually into the building.”

Dispatcher: “Did you see any flames or anything like that?”

Caller: “There are no flames at the moment.”

And from another caller:

Dispatcher: “Naperville 911, how can I help you?”

Caller: “Hi, My name is Mike…”

Dispatcher: “Did it go actually into the building?”

Caller: “It went into the southwest corner of the building.”

Dispatcher: “Of the actual building, correct?”

Caller: “Of the actual building.”

And then a call from inside the fitness club.

Caller: “We see this gasoline leaking all the way into our wood gym.”

Dispatcher: “OK, you’re able to evacuate the gym?”

Caller: “Yeah, we’re evacuating right now.”

Dispatcher: “Anybody in the gym hurt?”

Caller: “No, no one’s hurt in the gym yet.”

Rescued from the wreckage of the plane: Lloyd McKee and his wife Maureen.

Lloyd McKee has been transferred to a rehab facility and from her hospital room, Maureen McKee told Newsradio 780 she is feeling better.