By Dez Clark–

Athletes are trouble.

Really, no really, are you saying that athletes are nothing but trouble when it comes to us going out to the local night clubs? Where do you your data from? Probably from the same women that wrote about players she named that wasn’t part of the group that was turned away from the club Angels and Kings. I’m not a club goer. I used to be. But to say that athletes bring more trouble than its worth is just wrong.

You paint with a broad brush. Have there been problems with athletes? Yes. Are there going to be more? Yes. I guess since you didn’t do any real research that was just your opinion. I’ll venture to say that night clubs have problems with fights and shootings when athletes are not present. I’ll even go farther and say more happens when athletes are not present.

We seem to forget everything an athlete do that’s negative is all over the news. I have a conclusion. That’s why it seems like athletes are in more trouble than the everyday population. You think that might be true? On average the regular population get more DUI’s than athletes. There was actually a real study that concluded this.

I have gone to local night clubs on numerous occasions in years past and NEVER had a problem. 99.99% of the time when athletes go out there is no problem at all. Instead of offering us your opinion, which in my opinion is wrong, write something with a little research and basis to it. Pointing out all the incidents that happened in the past 6 years doesn’t prove your point.

We can probably pull up more incidents than that in the last month in let’s just say Chicago and Kansas City alone. Get off your high horse and quit criticizing just to do so. How about writing something about all the good we athletes do in our communities. No one wants to run and be the first to report that. Now do you? It’s like the bad stuff or perceived bad stuff is always brought to the forefront.

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