“I think you’re committing an NFL offensive play calling crime if you do not commit to the run against the Buffalo Bills.” Those were the words of Zach Zaidman on Monday’s Boers and Bernstein Show.

“The Bills defense is allowing over 30 points per game, most in the league,” Zaidman said. “Only five teams in the league are scoring fewer points per game than the Bears this season. So there’s an opportunity to do some things [on Sunday]. If the Bears play it right, it’s an opportunity to get back on the winning track.”

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Getting back on track would be nice. The Bears have lost three of their last four games and were knocked out of first place when the Packers beat the Jets on Sunday. After the ineffective offensive performances over the past few games, the Bears are looking for an offensive catalyst to get them sparked.

“The x-factor is the quarterback. We know that [Jay Cutler] has special talent, but we haven’t seen it consistently every game, in every moment. If you get that down the stretch, over these next nine games, you could have something special,” Zaidman said.

If the offense doesn’t come around and win the ballgame for the Bears, it might fall on the shoulders of special teams to put some points on the scoreboard.

“[Devin Hester] has been locked in when catching the ball,” Zaidman said. “If you notice, really since the Green Bay game, if the ball is punted to him, he’s catching it and going straight up the field. Whatever magic was missing over the last few years is back.”

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