CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago mother says without the help of a fast-acting Chicago police officer, her 2-year-old son might not be alive.

Friday night, the officer officially met the little boy he helped save. CBS 2’s Mai Martinez was there for the happy reunion.

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“It makes me feel good. I love my job as a Chicago policeman, I really do,” Officer Thomas Norberg said at a news conference.

It was hard for Norberg to take his eyes off little Sergio Martinez Real.  Just a day before, the child was being rushed to the hospital by his parents after they thought he choked on something.

When his parents turned onto Montrose just east of Kimball, Norberg’s patrol car was in front of them.

“I looked in my rearview mirror, observed a vehicle flashing its headlights and blowing its horn, trying to get my attention,” he said.

Norberg says when he noticed the flashing lights, he slowed down to allow the family’s car to pull beside him on the passenger side.  Before he even rolled down the window, he could see the mother’s face and he could tell something was very, very wrong.  When he rolled down his window he found out just how bad things really were.

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“The mother said out the window to me yelling, ‘My baby’s not breathing. Help me. Help me,’” the officer said.

Norberg called for an ambulance and then carried Sergio to the sidewalk nearby where he and Sergio’s father started doing CPR. After a couple of chest compressions, the boy began coughing, Norberg said.

For Sergio’s mother, it was a miracle, and Norberg the was the angel who made it happen.

“I told him thank you because maybe if he (wasn’t) there, maybe my baby die,” Maribel Real said.

Norberg says he was just in the right place at the right time.

“I was happy that I was able to be there for his time of need,” the officer said.

Sergio was treated and released from the hospital Thursday night.  His mother is still not sure what caused him to stop breathing.

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During a lighter moment at the hospital, she knew her son was going to be OK. That’s because the 2-year-old asked to go to his favorite store, Target.