CHICAGO (WSCR) — NASCAR star Kurt Busch was track president for the day at Chicagoland Speedway on Thursday and sat down to discuss his fan-friendly edicts on “Boers & Bernstein” on 670 The Score.

“We are out there listening to the fans and having a great amount of just action from them saying ‘Hey we want to see this happen, we want to see that happen.’ So, wider seats in bench areas out at Chicagoland Speedway; you get to bring in a 6-by-6-by-12 soft-sided cooler, which is filled with my favorite beverage, the Miller Lites, of course.”

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LISTEN: Kurt Busch on “Boers and Bernstein”

But Busch said the biggest thing is that NASCAR fans can buy individual tickets to any NASCAR events next year.

NASCAR has become increasingly popular over the last decade and Busch said if the sport wants to continue gaining prominence among sports fans, NASCAR has to take steps to appeal to both casual fans and lifelong fans.

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“You want to have the most fan-friendly parking atmosphere, and just the whole midway action with things to happen before the race,” Busch said. “You want to create a whole element for the weekend-goer with their motor home and everything they want to do in the infield and having a great time. But then you’ve got to be able to cater to the casual fan that’s just going to show up on Sunday morning.”

He also said that he wants NASCAR to go back to the style of cars that look like cars that fans can buy at their local dealership.

“Having a car that looks like you can buy on the showroom floor that we’re racing, that’s the next step that we need to make,” Busch said. “You gotta get back to that win on Sunday, sell on Monday, so when we win in our Dodge, you’re going to the Dodge store to buy a Dodge Challenger.”

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“I mean, there’s nothing stock about a stock car, but still, you want it to look and feel like, ‘Hey, my favorite driver Kurt Busch is out there in a Dodge,’ or ‘I like a guy like Jimmie Johnson and his Chevrolet,’” he added.