You have to live in Chicago to be mayor of Chicago and  the mayoral campaign of Rahm Emanuel says an absentee ballot application made shows he’s a Chicago resident.

CHICAGO (AP) – Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign says the Chicago Board of Elections encouraged Emanuel and others to apply for absentee voter ballots while they were working in the White House.

The campaign says that means elections officials considered him to be a Chicago voter and is one reason he also should be considered a legal resident.

Emanuel is expected to face a challenge arguing his time in Washington means he’s no longer a Chicago resident – and therefore ineligible to be mayor.

On Thursday, his campaign gave the Chicago Tribune a copy of an absentee ballot application Emanuel returned in January.

That followed a November 2009 letter in which a Chicago election commissioner offered to help Emanuel and other White House staffers from Chicago avoid pitfalls that would affect their registration status.

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