NAPERVILLE (WBBM) — Thanksgiving is two days away, and a lot of people are already looking for advice on how to prepare that perfect turkey dinner.

One indication is the popularity of the Butterball Turkey Talkline in Naperville.

Newsradio 780’s Dave Berner got inside the command bunker to learn more.

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About 50 women take calls, one after another–a total of 10,000 a day through Thanksgiving.

The phones were ringing non-stop on Tuesday, each one greeted with a friendly: “Good morning, Butterball Turkey Talkline, how can I help you?”

Phyllis Kramer is an eight-year veteran and has kept a calm demeanor for all the callers, no matter how panicked they get.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Once, Kramer said, a caller asked her about settings on an electric blanket to help thaw a frozen bird.

In case you are wondering: That’s not the way to do it. You can use the Butterball Thawing Calculator for assistance.

If you need help with thawing, cooking or otherwise preparing your turkey, call 1 800 BUTTERBALL. Butterball help is also available on Facebook and Twitter.