Defense Is Set Up To Stop Players Like Vick

Depending on coaching philosophies, a defense will either adjust their scheme and alignment based on the opposing offense, or they stick to their approach have have faith they can stop the offense.

We’ve seen in the past that Lovie Smith has unwavering confidence in his Tampa 2 defense, so it should come as no shock that Smith feels he doesn’t need to make drastic changes while preparing for Michael Vick.

“We’ve played Michael Vick before,” Smith said. “He’s a great player, but we normally do what we do with out defense. [We’re] not going to change up what we do. We believe in our defense and its set up to play guys like him.”

In no way is that a knock on Vick. Smith acknowledges that Vick is an elite talent who has been stellar in the league this season, but his confidence in his players alleviates any worries he may have preparing for the talented Eagles offense.

“We have all the respect in the world [for Vick], but our guys are excited about playing against not just Vick. [There’s] more than Michael Vick to the Philly offense. They have good skill guys all around.”

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