NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS) — Seven people are charged with involvement in prostitution in west suburban Naperville, after police found them advertising their services online.

Five women were charged with prostitution, and two men were charged with attempted pandering, or facilitating a customer’s liaison with a prostitute. One of the suspected prostitutes was found to have cocaine on her.

The suspected prostitutes posted ads for their services on various websites, and agreed to meet their customers for sexual liaisons at various locations in Naperville, police said.

The arrests were the culmination of an investigation into prostitution at locations on the far north side of Naperville, according to police.

Charged in the case are:
• Natasha D. Accomando, 20, of Lombard, charged with prostitution.
• Michael A. Green, 22, of Chicago, charged with attempted pandering.
• Heather A. Ashfield, 39, of Aurora, charged with prostitution and possession of a controlled substance (a Class 4 felony)
• Emily L. Dudasik, 20, of Wheaton, charged with prostitution.
• Martell A. Williams, 22, of Bolingbrook, charged with attempted pandering.
• Deja R. Davis, 20, of Chicago, charged with prostitution.
• Sonya M. Johnson, 33, of Aurora, charged with prostitution.