CHICAGO (CBS) – No one knows who will win the race for mayor, so the candidates who think they’re in pretty good shape are doing what they can to stay that way.

Like Rahm Emanuel for example, keeping a careful eye on his opponent Gery Chico.

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Chico held a meeting for community leaders to talk issues. One by one they introduced themselves and identified the community groups they represent.

All except for one man who said only that his name is Jim, and that he was there to observe and learn.

That seemed odd, so Jim was watched and seen tape recording the meeting.

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When asked about it, he admitted it was not quite true he was there to observe and learn — but to record the meeting for Rahm Emanuel.

A fair assumption is that he was aiming to catch Gery Chico saying something off the record that could be useful to Emanuel.

It’s the political spy game, the first clear sign of it in the race for mayor; though honed to perfection by the Chicago guys who got Barack Obama elected president, and are now trying to get Rahm Emanuel elected mayor.

It’s different from the good ole’ days when campaigning was up front, and more honest and open, bare-knuckle, more rough and tumble.

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Can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, the spy stuff is too sneaky.