Some quarterbacks take their lineman out to dinner after for keeping them protected during a game. Running backs have been known to buy their lineman watches after a 1,000-yard season.

But for setting the NFL’s all-time return TD record, Devin Hester’s blockers got something different.

According to Vaughn McClure, of the Chicago Tribune, Hester bought 14 remote-control cars and helicopters for his special-teams teammates.

Hester set the NFL record in the December 20th game against the Minnesota Vikings on a 64-yard punt return.

While they might not have been gold watches or an expensive dinner, it seems as if the recipients of Hester’s gifts were appreciative.

“I loved it, but I can’t figure mine out, though,” Rashied Davis told McClure. “I got a remote-control gas car, and I broke it.”

Hester was quite emotional in his post-game press conference after the Vikings game. He expressed his appreciation for all those who have blocked for him and wanted them to receive as much credit and publicity as he was.