CHICAGO (WBBM) — Snow and dogs–a lot of them love it, as they roll, run and play in the drifts.

Snow and dog-walkers? That’s a different story.

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Just getting to where the dogs are used to doing their thing–like the local park–isn’t so easy.

“Some of the snow is actually waist level,” said Doug Simon, who has a local business called “Walk the Dog.”

“It’s been very challenging for us,” he said. “We do have a service to provide dog walks to all of our customers, which we’ve been trying to do.

“The challenge has really been the quantity of snow and the way we get around. Obviously walking around the city is really tough.”

Some of the walkers, he says, get around on bikes.

That’s been tough, but it’s getting easier.

And then there’s the issue of trying to locate what the dogs “leave behind” because of the snow.

That can be pretty tough.

“Um, it is,” said Simon.

The upcoming spring thaw might be a nasty time for dog owners.