The 2010 season was a roller coaster for Chicago Cubs’ pitcher Carlos Zambrano, and it had more lows than highs. After completing his anger-management counseling, Zambrano feels he’s ready to get back to baseball.

“It’s all done,” Zambrano said. “I’m cured.”

After his June 25 altercation with teammate Derrek Lee in the dugout at U.S. Cellular Field, Zambrano was forced into counseling to hopefully get his on-field temperament under control.

After Zambrano returned from his suspension, he finished the 2010 season 8-0 and looked a lot like the ace of the Cubs’ staff that he had been in the past.

“Yes, it did work,” Zambrano said of the counseling. “Believe me, that was an experience that I can talk about through the years. Maybe in the future I can be a pitching coach or whatever 20 years from now, and I can speak to the young kids about what I went through, what happened in my career, things that I experienced.”