Through 57 games this season, the Chicago Bulls haven’t lost three in a row, head coach Tom Thibodeau’s coaching philosophy has to be given much of the credit for this.

“We want to be consistent in our approach,” Thibodeau said. “We try not to change anything from our film sessions to walk throughs to practice to getting ready to play, so there is no adjustment. The big thing in this league is that everyone is capable of beating you. So readiness to play is huge. I think for the most part our team has done a good job approaching games the right way. And I think from game to game you have to make the necessary corrections.”

For the Bulls this season, their success has been directly correlated to their defensive effort. In all of their three losses in the month of February, to this point, the Bulls have allowed over 100 points. In their seven wins, their opponent never reached triple digits.

The Bulls will round out the month of February with a game Monday night in Washington against the Wizard.

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