The Chicago Bulls play in front of thousands of cheering fans. Derrick Rose hears frequent M-V-P chants when he touches the ball. And reserve forward Brian Scalabrine has his name chanted when he enters a game.

These are common occurrences when they Bulls play at the United Center, but they’re also starting to become somewhat common when the Bulls play on the road.

“Well really, how can you not love the Bulls?,” Mark Schanowski, of Comcast SportsNet, said on the Danny Mac Show. “We’ve seen the Celtics and Lakers’ act. The Heat are the villains of the NBA. No one likes LeBron [James] anymore, after what he pulled last summer. And Rose is such a refreshing superstar. I mean this kid is genuinely humble. You know, the aww shucks routine comes off phony with a lot of guys, but this is who the guy is, he just wants to win basketball games. He doesn’t care about being a superstar and all the trapings that come with it.

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“Joakim Noah is a guy that just leaves all the energy out there every night. He has Charles Barkley on his bandwagon saying Noah is his favorite player. So this is a team that is fun to watch, they play hard…Rose doesn’t carry himself like a superstar. So they fit very well in that young team on the rise with a lot of likable players. So when you see what’s going on in the NBA with a lot of guys trying to bully their ways into better situations, I think the Bulls are a refreshing exception. I think as we get into the playoffs, you’re going to see that only grow if they can advance a couple rounds.”

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