Thursday afternoon the NFL and players’ union announced a 24-hour extension of the current collective bargaining agreement. The extension opened up the possibility of avoiding a lock out of any length.

The two sides have been in federally mediated negotiation sessions for over a week trying to reach an agreement on a new CBA. With all of the public relations statements and rumors it can be difficult to understand exactly what both sides want.

“From a players perspective, we don’t want to be locked out,” Chicago Bears receiver Rashied Davis said on the Laurence Holmes Show.

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“We want to play. You know, let us play, that’s our deal. We really don’t want anything changed with the CBA, we were OK with the current deal. Basically we want a fair deal. If they open the books and we find out that maybe teams are losing money, then we’ll make that decision there, an educated decision. But you can’t expect us, or no one can expect us, to make an educated decision without any information.”

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