Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade has plenty of experience as a manager in the minor leagues, but this will be his first full season as the manager of a major league club.

And because of that the focus will be on him as he tries to get his Cubs’ team tot he playoffs for the first time since 2008.

“For a guy that has all that minor league experience and no major league experience until last August, he seems to have done a really good job,” Gordon Wittenmyer, of the Chicago Sun-Times, said on the Danny Mac Show. “The players, the veteran guys, the new guys and the guys that were here last year all seem to still be firmly behind him. I think the way he handled…the Silva-Ramirez thing, you’re talking about two eight-figure salary veteran players, one of which may not even be here at the end of camp, what else were you going to do with them? I mean I think he handled it pretty well…and there doesn’t seem to be any negative ramifications since then.

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“So I think he’s done a good job. Is he going to win? I have no idea. Is he going to hold up and be this kind of manager, and in control of everything, the guys still behind him after a full season on the job? I have no idea. I mean there’s going to be so many things come up over the course of six months in a regular season, that will be more telling. But for now, he seems to be pushing all the right buttons and doing all the right things.”

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