CHICAGO (CBS) — Having trouble finding the proper cable channel to watch your favorite NCAA basketball game?

Well, the iPhone has an app for that.

The good news for fans this year: Every game is on TV–either on CBS, TBS, TNT or TruTV. But finding them on your cable or satellite systems–most sports fans may have never heard of TruTV–is a bit of a challenge.

The NCAA March Madness application allows users to type in their zip code and choose their TV company. The app then provides the channel, including HD channels, for all the games.

With dozens of different TV providers across Chicagoland, the app can really save you some needless channel searching. And you won’t have to search your place for that Post It note that you used to write down the channels.

If you aren’t near your TV, the app also allows you to live stream the games from your phone.

We searched for similar schedule features on Android and Blackberry March Madness applications, without success. If you know of one, let us know!

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