PORTAGE, Ind. (CBS) — One northwest Indiana student definitely needs to bring his teacher an apple after she saved his life.

Nick Nelson, a fifth grader at Myers Elementary School in Portage, was choking on a mint right before taking an achievement test. His teacher, Carrie Pack, had received first-aid training last year, but because she is nine months pregnant, she couldn’t perform a standard Heimlich maneuver.

Instead, she turned sideways and whacked Nick with her hips instead while pressing against his midsection with her arm.

“He really wasn’t making much progress,” Pack said. “I put my knuckle a little bit lower and I just jammed up kind of hard and he actually got sick and he threw the mint up, which is gross, but good.”

After the school nurse checked him out, Nick wanted to take the achievement test, so he did.

Pack’s baby was due on Wednesday. She’s currently on maternity leave.