NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS) — A Libyan-American family from Naperville carefully watched President Obama’s speech Monday night as the Commander-in-Chief tried to reassure Americans that U.S. involvement in Libya would be limited.

Mr. Obama also said the transfer of command to NATO would be completed on Wednesday.

Members of the Burshan family were grateful for the president’s address.

UIC student Sarah Burshan called the address “really inspirational.”

“It was like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders,” she told CBS 2’s Mike Parker.

Sarah, her high school student brother Adam, and their mother, Amal, support the rebels. They’re worried about the head of the family, businessman Waheed Burshan. He is overseas, in the thick of the Libyan revolution.

But as concerned as they are for him, they say they are not troubled by the president’s stated limits on the U.S. mission.

“What I was specifically encouraged by is when he said (the U.S. government) would provide humanitarian aid,” Sarah said.

Adam Burshan said he was moved when the president described the Libyan greeting a downed U.S. pilot received. The Libyans identified themselves as friends.

“He pointed out that Libyans are not the enemy,” he said. “Really, it is only that Quaddafi that is the enemy.”