CHICAGO (CBS) — A Rogers Park neighborhood family is trying desperately to get one thing from Mayor Richard M. Daley before he leaves office – a picture.

It sounds simple enough, but as CBS 2’s Susan Carlson reports, after almost eight months of trying, it has turned into a nearly impossible dream for a mom and her young son.

The mayor’s last name is part of the 2-year-old boy’s first. His name is Jay Daley Quirke Hornik, and he was named after Hizzoner.

“I think we wanted our son to know where he came from,” said his mother, Sheila Quirke, “and kids grow up and they often move away, but with a name like Daley you know where home is.”

Most toddlers recognize their favorite cartoon and storybook characters by sight. But in Jay Daley’s room, a picture of Mayor Richard J. Daley, the current mayor’s father and the city’s mayor from 1955 to 1976, is hanging over the bed.

Thus, it seems only fitting that if anyone should get a photo op with the current Mayor Daley, it should be Jay Daley. But his mom found out it’s not as easy as you’d think.

“We started with a letter in August 2010, and it went nowhere, and we sent it again,” Quirke said.

She then tried using contacts through the Liquor Control Commissioner and two aldermen, with no results.

Also, Quirke said, “I pitched a blog, ‘Desperately Seeking Daley.’”

Still no luck, but Quirke is not giving up, and her supportive husband is along for the almost “daily” quest for Daley.

Does Jeremy Hornik notice any similarities between your son and his namesake?

“They both speak very well. They’re both very interested in the city parks,” Hornik said.

And they hope the two will soon have another thing in common – a picture together.

“As Mayor Daley’s tenure is coming to a close, I’m feeling more committed than ever to try and get this for Jay Daley,” Quirke said.

The Mayor’s Press Office says Mayor Daley has been getting up to 50 requests a day for either pictures or appearances. They are backlogged right now, but they do plan to respond to everyone who submits a request in writing.

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