Dan and Terry,
Excellent point about Juan Pierre looking like someone who should get on base, simply because there’s a technical term for slight, poor-throwing non-power-hitting corner outfielders, which is “ex ball player.” If people like Pierre DON’T get on base, at least the way the game is played today, everything they are supposed to do (steal bases, score runs) is impossible, and they gone.
Keep up the great work,
Scott Lindholm
Davenport, IA


I think Bruce is an excellent x’s and o’s coach, and that if he were
to leave, there is no obvious choice for a replacement as Illinois has
not produced any former players or assistants that have any ability to
coach.  That being said, it irritates me when Bruce complains that his
last few teams have had kids that did not listen to him and did not
mesh with his personality.  Well, Bruce recruited those kids, If he
wants kids that aren’t idiots, he should stop recruiting them.  Part
of being a good coach is not just being able to teach, but bringing in
kids that are teachable, the fact that he hasn’t been able to do that
is no ones fault but his own.

Amir Moid


Jake would have gone in there, tossed 7,000 snow balls.
Tossed so many snowballs that he would clear the field. And when the field is clear, he’ll clear the stands.
And those snowball are not going in the parking lot. Jake’s gonna toss the snowballs right into the lake…
When Jake gets finished, there won’t be snow any where in Cleveland…