The Chicago Blackhawks lost a tough game to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Sunday night, it was a game that would have gone a long way towards securing their place in the playoffs.

With four games remaining, and two against the Detroit Red Wings, the Blackhawks are still within striking distance of having home-ice advantage in the first round.

“A two-nothing loss isn’t good enough, especially this time of year,” Blackhawks defenseman Chris Campoli said. “We want to start putting our points together. We’re a confident group, we want to be going into the playoffs playing well.”

The Blackhawks have a one-point lead over the Calgary Flames, but also have two games in hand. And the Dallas Stars sit three points back, but have only secured seven points in their last 10 games. So as much as the loss on Sunday hurts, the team’s playoff push can still be capped off by simply taking care of themselves.

“We believe that’s where we’re going to be,” Campoli said. “So we have to find a way, I guess, to make it a little tougher.”