By Adam Harris–

CHICAGO (WSCR) — Forget about Saturday afternoon’s game; the Bulls won and are going to beat the Pacers again tonight, this time very handily.

In fact, the Bulls are in a great position to go all the way to the NBA Finals. Looking around the league, seeing the Los Angeles Lakers lose Sunday night, the Thunder barely squeak by the Nuggets, the Spurs lose their first game against the Grizzlies, and the Magic lose to the Atlanta Hawks should give “panicked” Bulls fans the ability to take a breath and realize winning games is all that matters in the NBA Playoffs.

It doesn’t matter how you win or by how much or even who you beat, it just matters that you win.

This is an obvious statement, but there are many Bulls fans out there that are disappointed in how the Bulls won on Saturday. The fact is that NBA teams rarely get blown out in playoff games, but sweeps and dominating series do happen. That is what is going to happen in this Bulls-Pacers series.

The Bulls will either sweep the series or only lose one game and then they will advance because the Indiana Pacers are an inferior team. They shot the lights out on Saturday afternoon, and Tyler Hansbrough failed to get under Derrick Rose’s skin because Rose is tough mentally.

There is no reason to panic at all Bulls fans. To actually hear discussion that the Pacers could beat the Bulls in this series is insanely ridiculous. Frankly, Carlos Boozer can continue to play like he is right now (weak defense against Hansbrough) and the Bulls would still win the series.

The only thing the Bulls fans need to be panicked about is Boozer’s defense moving forward. How will he guard Kevin Garnett, Josh Smith, or other power forwards moving ahead. For now, however, everyone needs to calm down and enjoy the beat down tonight.