By Shawn Muller–

CHICAGO (CBS) I may be alone in my line of thinking, but for the life of me, I could care less that the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft takes place on Thursday night.

That is not to say that I believe everyone should feel the same way I do. I know there are millions of fans out there that need their NFL “fix” any way they can get it, and the draft gives them a nice little dose to help them cope with having to wait until next fall (maybe).

I guess that I just find it funny to see how enamored people get over a production like the NFL Draft.

The sitting…the waiting…the anticipation…the pick…the usual disappointment.

No thanks. That just isn’t exciting for me. I just want to see who my team picks and move on with my life. Besides, if I planned on wasting my time watching sports, there are much better options than the draft.

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing. Major League Baseball is closing out the first month of the regular season. The NHL Playoffs (I still really enjoy playoff hockey, even without the Blackhawks).

There are so many other great sporting events for people to watch Thursday night (except for hockey) than sitting around–for hours on end–waiting for a player’s name to be called, watching him walk to the podium and get his picture taken with the commissioner, then walk over for an interview and hear the incessant babbling from the football analysts.

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.


We practically already know what players are going where anyway. The draft geeks have been giving us mock draft after mock draft since the college football season ended in January.

Where is the anticipation factor?

Where is the excitement in that?

In case anyone missed it, there is a pretty big basketball game tonight that should have Bulls fans’ attention. The Orlando Magic square off against the Atlanta Hawks in Game 6 of their first round series at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The Hawks lead the series 3-2 over the Magic and–for the Bulls fans living under a rock–will clinch a second round berth against Chicago with a win.

If that isn’t enough to wet your whistle, then how about the Lakers versus the Hornets in game six of their series down in New Orleans? How about the Portland Trailblazers traveling to Dallas to take on the Mavericks in Game 6 of their series?

Three NBA Playoff games on the slate tonight and all could mean elimination for Orlando, New Orleans, and Portland–or–it could mean that we will have three Game 7’s in the first round should those teams win. Three Game 7’s!

Not a fan of the NBA? Fine.

Watch the White Sox try to take three out of four against the Yankees in the Bronx. Not a Sox fan? Then watch the Cubs take on Arizona in the desert.

You have options people!

Anything has to be more exciting that watching a bunch of football players wearing suits, strutting around Radio City Music Hall, acting as if they are already shoe-ins for the Pro Bowl?

And you know you are going to be unhappy with your teams’ first round pick, anyway…fans always are!

So basically, look at it as me just trying to help…a Dr. Phil (is that even a compliment to myself?) if you will.

You can look at the first round draft list on every website, every newspaper, and every sports newscast after the shindig is finished. You will save hours of your life by getting all the information you need in 10 minutes.

Watch games instead.

Do you agree with Shawn? Post your comments below.

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Shawn Muller

Shawn Muller has lived in the great city of Chicago for 7 years. He is a 2002 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and, in October of 2010, Shawn received his certificate in radio broadcasting. In his free time, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa and 3 year old daughter Ava, catching any live sporting event, and traveling. Check out his radio show, Grab Some Bench with Muller and Bangser” every Thursday night at 8:30 P.M., at

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