CHICAGO (CBS) — If you can listen to it, here comes another opinion on the Arnold Schwarzenegger bomb.

Not that he’s a bad guy who did a really dumb and destructive thing, and he ought to be, as he says he is, ashamed and embarrassed.

That’s all being said. What isn’t being said is how right it would be to put a lid on the Schwarzenegger bomb before it explodes the life of his little boy, who’s now 13 years old, scared out of his home by the media horde.

Stop the presses! Find that boy! Ask him a question, put him on television! Be the first to get ‘em! Scoop the competition! Yuk.

We know what Schwarzenegger did to deserve being hunted and hounded by the horde. But what about that child, who cannot shoot baskets in his driveway anymore, or walk his dog, Sugar, in the neighborhood?

What did he do to deserve the media horde? Why are we now hunting him?

I think it’s the media’s turn to be embarrassed and to apologize — and to stop it.

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