CHICAGO (CBS) – Newly released, amateurish “home videos” from a terrorist scouting sites to attack seem a little bit charming — and a whole lot chilling.

They came out Thursday in federal court, where a Chicago businessman faces terrorist conspiracy charges, CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports.

David Headley wasn’t just sight-seeing during his 2009 trip to Denmark. He was scouting targets for a Pakistani terrorist attack, and his video gives a rare glimpse into the preparation that proceeds a potential disaster.

Despite the nonchalant tone in his voiceovers, Headley was no casual tourist.

He was casing Copenhagen, Denmark, searching sites for a Pakistani terror group to attack. The motive: revenge against Danish cartoonist and a newspaper editor for publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

He was checking out places where casualties would be high, like the busy train station. After seeing one video, his terrorist handler, Sajid Mir, suggested throwing a grenade into the Danish queen’s palace guard.

Prosecutors say Chicago businessman Tahawwur Rana provided Headley with cover and business cards, as an agent of his immigration office.

The Danish attack never took place, but Headley played the same role in India, scouting targets for the deadly 2008 raid that killed 160.

Headley admitted again Thursday he was working both sides of the fence, trained by Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI, to blend in during his video scouting.

But in India, Rana didn’t directly assist.

The defense is trying to build case that Rana thought Headley was working

for Pakistani intelligence, not for terrorists and that Rana depended on Headley to run a legitimate business in both Denmark and Pakistan.

The trial resumes Monday.