CHICAGO (WSCR) Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Jake Peavy left Sunday’s 7-3 loss to the Detroit Tigers with a strained right groin. This most recent injury came after Peavy had made four consecutive starts after returning from another injury.

“The fact remains that he’s been a somewhat fragile guy over the last few years,” Steve Stone said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “I mean, when the Sox traded for him, he had a heel injury, he was limited to three games that first year he became a White Sox pitcher. Then, obviously we all know after 17 starts last year, he tore the latissimus dorsi off the bone. This year, after five starts, he has a groin problem and hopefully it won’t be long becuase he was throwing the ball great.

“But a lot of pitchers with a lot of innings under their belt, like Jake, have a tendency to start getting hurt. When they do that, those little aches and pains, or little injuries, continue to build one upon another. And some of the most devastating injuries for pitchers are leg injuries. Because if you don’t have your legs to pitch with, you’re eventually going to re-hurt your arm, in one area or another, and so, everything is all related.

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“It’s interesting I hear: ‘well it’s not the same area I hurt before.’ No, but because of the area you hurt before, it could very well be that you’re doing something different. And so, I worry about pitchers with leg injuries. Becuase I worry about, eventually, the wear and tear on the shoulder and the elbow coming in the not to distant future. Hopefully with Jake, and hopefully for the entire Sox team, that won’t be the case here.”

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