CHICAGO (WSCR) With the 47th overall pick in the MLB First Year Player Draft, the Chicago White Sox took outfielder Keenyn Walker from Central Arizona College, a player who the Cubs drafted out of high school in 2009.

According to Kevin Goldstein, of Baseball Prospectus, the pick broke a recent trend of safe, “boring” picks for the White Sox.

“This kid the White Sox drafted, is there risk there? Sure, he could completely flounder in the minors and we’ll never hear from him again, but he’s also got crazy upside,” Goldstein said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “I mean this is the kind of guy where, when the Central Arizona Junior College bus showed up, and he got off the bus, you went ‘yeah, I’ll take that kid, he looks pretty good.’ I mean, this is an athletic outfielder with power, with speed. [He] made a lot of progress this year. He was always seen as a very raw prospect. A guy with a ton of swing-and-miss in his game, but when he hit a ball, it went a pretty long way. [He’s a] Good center fielder.

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“And he stopped swinging and missing so much this year, so he made a whole heck of a lot more contact. Made good progress defensively, with his instincts and his routes. There’s a chance that this guy could be a steal at No. 47, but there is risk just becuase of how kind of behind the curve he is, where he’s a little behind most players his age, as far as how refined he is. So it’s going to take some patience, but the potential reward is there.”