CHICAGO (WSCR) Carlos Zambrano’s 10 seasons for the Chicago Cubs have been a roller coaster: He’s helped lead the team to division titles. He’s been suspended by the team for getting into fights with teammates. He threw a no-hitter, and he’s gone on rants criticizing the team.

“I’ll tell you the truth, you know, I don’t like to lose,” Zambrano said on the Danny Mac Show. “The things that I do, it’s not that I want my team to look bad. I just want to win.”

Zambrano’s passion for the Cubs and for winning have never been questioned. What comes under scrutiny is the way he exhibits those emotions.

Listening to the big right-hander talk, it’s hard to doubt that he cares about his teammates and the fans. While on The Danny Mac Show, Zambrano talked about driving home after a loss this season. He saw two Cubs fans walking across the street and he said that he “felt bad” for the them.

“The thing that I want to do, you know, is to give this town what they’re looking for, on the North Side” Zambrano said.

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“[The fans] are always there for us. … The ballpark is always crowded, people want to go to Wrigley, you know. … It’s why I say what I say, you know. Because I want to push this team. I want do something special for this team.”

His most recent outburst took place after the Cubs were swept by the the Cardinals. Zambrano called the ballclub “embarrassing,” and compared them to a Triple-A team. It was a rant that was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some agreed with his assessment of the club and liked to see him express his frustration. Others viewed it as just another example of him not being able to control himself.

“I know that sometimes, you know, I do or say things that are not right,” Zambrano said. “Like I said, you know, I’m a human. The main thing behind those comments, behind those acts, is that I want to win. I want badly, to win in Chicago. And I don’t want this team to get distracted by anything. Just, let’s play baseball. You know, let’s do what we have to do to celebrate in Chicago, you know, a championship on the North Side.”

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