CHICAGO (WSCR) The Bulls want to trade their two first round draft picks (28th and 30th overall) for a veteran player or an earlier first round pick, writer Sam Smith told The Boers and Bernstein Show Thursday.

“They’ve been trying to move up a little bit with those picks and it’s been hard to do,” Smith said. “It’s hard to get someone to take those picks at 28 and 30. They are not only the lowest picks in the first round, they are (two of the last) guarantees. And the 31 is more valuable than the 30 because it’s not a (guaranteed contract), so they are hard picks to move. My guess is that they’ll probably end up using two of them and one of them on a European player.”

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The NBA Draft is tonight, but the Bulls appear to be more interested in adding a veteran player to the mix rather than a rookie.

“They’d like to get a player, you know, a two-guard,” Smith said. “Courtney Lee, O.J. Mayo, one of these kind of guys. Combine the picks with a player and get one of these guys. That would be their home run.”

The Bulls are still trying to make a move but are running out of time.

“I think if they do make those two picks that means they have struck out in all the other things they are trying to do,” Smith said.