CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s finest recently earned a berth in the Law Enforcement National Championship Game this weekend.

On Thursday, CBS 2’s Steve Bartelstein took in a practice, as the officers who play for the CPD Enforcers get ready for the big game.

Hollywood has depicted police officers playing football plenty of times, but now, the real officers are inviting you to see them in a whole new light.

“They think the police are some type of aliens from outer space, so therefore, they can come and see us, and they’ll know that we’re normal individuals; that we like the same things they like, like football,” one officer said.

That high level of game in an officer’s real life is why after a hard day on the streets, on the job, they the officers take to the field.

“When things are tough or we’re having a bad time with work-related stuff, this is kind of a good release,” another officer said.

“It keeps us in shape; these guys have got to stay healthy year-round,” a third officer said.

Patrolling our neighborhoods isn’t that different from patrolling the sidelines. And they don’t have your typical tools of the trade – instead of a flak jacket to protect the quarterback, they go bulletproof.

But no team is bulletproof. The Enforcers learned that when the Chicago Fire Department’s football team, the Blaze, took them into overtime a couple of weeks ago. New police Supt. Garry McCarthy arrived in town just in time to see that game.

“It was nice having the boss in; he was taking a real vested interest in what we’re doing,” the third officer said.

Now, they will be playing the national championship, representing the city they serve and protect.

The game is set for 1 p.m. Saturday at Brother Rice High School, 10001 S. Pulaski Rd. The Enforcers will take on the Philadelphia Blue Flames.

Tickets are $10, and kids get in free.