CHICAGO (CBS) — After more than two years of publicly denouncing the charges against him at every turn, a “stunned” Rod Blagojevich left federal count a convicted felon.

He had a lot less to say on Monday, after being convicted of 17 corruption charges in which he tried to coerce campaign cash in exchange for state favors.

“One thing I have learned from this whole experience is to speak a bit less,” he said.

“Patti and I are disappointed in the outcome. I frankly am stunned.”

He then said he wanted to get home to explain the verdict to his two daughters and “try to sort things out.”

Then, before he walked away, he hinted that an appeal is all but certain.

“I am sure we’ll be seeing you again.”

Then, a few minutes later, he arrived at home and appeared stunned and chastened.

“I fought hard,” he said and then made reference to preparing for the future for his daughters and wife.

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