CHICAGO (WSCR) From his post-game rants to his Twitter messages to, well, pretty much everything he does, Ozzie Guillen is one of the polarizing figures in baseball. But whether you like Ozzie or hate him, he adds something to the game that may be missing.

“I think Ozzie is great for the game, I really do,” former Cubs and Nationals manager Jim Riggleman said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “I think that, and I used to say this quite often, too many of us, you know, because of short length of contract or lack of security, or whatever the case is, we tend to be a little bit more vanilla, you know.

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“And I miss the days of Whitey Herzog and Don Zimmer and Lou Piniella. (They were) some guys who would just kind of blurt some stuff out their mouth. And it was interesting, you know, and coming from them, you sort of knew how to take it after the game. Ozzie speaks his mind and it’s refreshing, it’s interesting.”

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